Traffic Accidents

What happens when you don’t stop for an ambulance.

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When a firetruck or police car appear with lights flashing and sirens blaring, a driver is supposed to pull over to the right, stop and let them pass.

That is the law.

But local law enforcement and fire departments say they’ve been delayed by motorists who keep driving or even stop in front of their vehicles. Officers and firefighters are forced to find a way to maneuver around the offender, sometimes resorting to using the opposing lanes.

Drivers have offered excuses from not knowing the law to not hearing the siren. Some have been seen with earplugs in both ears. But out of 29 counties last year, Los Angeles County had the highest number of collisions at 108 and the most number of people injured, 75, in crashes caused by such drivers, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Drivers who fail to pull over and stop are and continue to be a problem for LAPD , LAFD, LASD, and CHP

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