Home Breaking News 3 people dead in shooting at a bowling alley in Southern California

3 people dead in shooting at a bowling alley in Southern California


US police are dealing with a suspected mass shooting at a California bowling alley with reports of ‘multiple victims’.

Police in Torrance, California confirmed shots had rung out at Gable House Bowl.

The number of victims and the nature of their injuries was not immediately made clear.

Torrance police tweeted: “Reports of shots fired with multiple victims down. T P D is on scene. Investigation is ongoing.”

Police are urging people to “stay away from the area” near the bowling alley.

Torrance fire department also confirmed the incident and warned people away from the vicinity of it.

Witness D Ryon Thomas posted horrific video on Facebook in the aftermath of the shooting which showed one bloodied victim lying on the floor of the bowling alley.

He wrote online: “Gunshot fired. I’m okay just my few scraping on my legs. I heard ppl died n injured. I was distance away but people ran in our room. The women weeping and wailing in the background makes me sad.”

Audio of police officers discussing the shooting, described as a “major incident” with their control room.

They spoke of “multiple callers”, “multiple people shot” and “gunshot wounds”.

One voice on the call said: “This is an active shooter situation.

“We have multiple subjects down inside and outside Gable House.”

An officer also said there had been a shooting in the parking lot, while there were said to be around three or five people down.

Another three people were said to be “hiding in the bathroom”.

The bowling alley is based on Hawthorne Boulevard, with people warned away from there and nearby Sepulveda Boulevard in particular.

Gable House is described on its website as a gaming venue that offers bowling, laser tag, and a full arcade.

Torrance, California, is a coastal city about 20 miles from Los Angeles.

A woman living near to the bowling alley, writing on Twitter, said: “I live in Redondo Beach & drive by Gable House all the time. It’s been there since I was a child.

“It’s an institution. This is heartbreaking. People think shootings only happen in other towns. They can happen anywhere. It’s time to talk about common sense gun laws”

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